Menschenrechte für Priesterkinder


Actions and pictures

Accompanying this website and the sit-down strike in front of St:Georgen, there are, from time to time, certain occasions on which info-leaflets about the discrimination of the children of priests are handed out on a large scale.

On the 16th of June, during the summer party in St.Georgen, David and Wiltrud Weber and their supporters handed out this leaflet to visitors, which attracted a lot of interest, but which also caused great consternation.      


In November 2008, on the occasion of the “social forum in (the state of) Hessen”, that took place in St.Georgen university, Wiltrud and David Weber had organized the alternative workshop “The discrimination of the daughters and sons of catholic priests (in office) and their mothers, as a drastic example for unjust acting of the catholic church”. After the workshop, several participants of it demonstrated for full human and civil rights for the children of priests, at the concluding assembly of the “social forum”.