Menschenrechte für Priesterkinder



After careful consideration, we have decided to dedicate this website to Thomas Forster and Nathan Halbach, who were both son's of catholic priests, and who died in 2007 and 2009, at the respective ages of 30 and 22. To us, they are representative for all other children of priests who have paid with their lives for their status as such.       

We are aware, that the decision to include this dedication on our website, , could be subject to criticism, particularly as we don’t know whether the bereaved ascribe the death of their sons and brothers to the tremendous pressure they had to endure as children of priests. And indeed, we cannot, and don’t want to prove, that they died because they were children of priests. But as so many aspects of their biographies,- first the compulsion to secrecy, then a sensation seeking public, in the mean time never being able to have normal open contact with their own fathers, and always the pressure of completely inhuman catholic concepts of orderliness, in all their hostility to life,-were parallel to each other, and parallel to the realities experienced by other children of priests ,it is unfortunately very likely that their early cancer illnesses [Thomas Forster had initially been able to overcome his, but then died of a heart attack(as a result of his chemotherapy) at the age of 30], were an effect of the experiences as children of priests, that are for so many of these children the reason for both physical and mental pain.[From France we also know of the suicide of one son of a priest]        

We really do not want to exploit the death of Thomas Forster and Nathan Halbach for this website, but do think that a dedication to two deceased children of priests is adequate for a website fighting for the rights of these children.              

Short biography of Thomas Forster

Short biography of Nathan Halbach