Menschenrechte für Priesterkinder


There are tens of thousands of people worldwide, whose father either was, at the time of their birth, or still is, a catholic priest or a member of a catholic order. To those children of priests, fundamental human and civil rights are being denied.        The laws are clear in all western countries: Everybody has got the same rights, independent of the status of his or her parents. This includes the right to child support and to inherit, as well as the right to contact with one's father.        The denial of these rights to the children of priests by the catholic church, which has also not been sufficiently sanctioned and thereby prevented by courts and goverments, has led to a situation  that couldn't  normally be possible in modern society: that there is a group of citizens to whom existing laws are not being applied because of their birth.        This website intends to contribute to a change of this indefensible situation.       

If you want to support the demand for full human-and civil rights for children of priests, you can sign our petition.

If you want to support "human rights for children of priests", you can do so, among other ways, by donating: Our account is with Societe Generale in France. If you live outside of France, please quote the IBAN number and the SWIFT-Code.              

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